ICE FX 2.0. Release

Dear clients, partners and investors,

As promised earlier, ICE FX 2.0 will be released on December 11, 2017.

Of course, we weren’t able to implement everything from what was planned, but as they say – “done is better than perfect”. So it’s pointless to postpone the release for the sake of endless upgrades. The most unpleasant thing is that some critical bugs were found in the new Personal Area a few days ago. So we had to subject the Personal Area to further revision and repeated tests. Until the these processes are completed, you will have to use the outdated Personal Area, since it’s unacceptable to have bugs in the work with client money. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please remember that the expected changes in ICE FX have been described in the following two articles: “ICE FX 2.0” and “ICE FX 2. Changes”.

Given the latest information updates, I will briefly summarize the results: what has been implemented and what will be implemented in the next six months:

In the December 11 release, you will see the following:

  1. A new website
    A completely new design, a huge amount of new information and better information structuring.
    The old site will continue to function for some time along with the new site to facilitate the transition.

  2. New functionality of the page of the managed account / index and MA rating
    These sections of the new website have received increased attention, since there is nothing more important for an investment site than to provide the investor with the most flexible and voluminous tools for selecting an asset and monitoring its performance.
    Even in my (always dissatisfied) opinion, it turned out fine for us (not counting possible minor bugs and other things, the time we had for test was not enough).

  3. New deposit/withdrawal methods
    We were able to agree on working with WM (through an accredited aggregator, Intercass), which many have long waited for.
    For quite some time now, we have been in MegaStock, which is a confirmation of the “white” scheme of working with WM, though through an intermediary (WM cannot serve offshore companies).
    Connection is planned around the new year.

    We also plan to connect the most popular online services of major banks:

    • Alpha click;
    • Sberbank Online;
    • VTB-online;
    • PSB-online.
  4. New privileged statuses

    • VIP (US$100,000 or US$50,000 for promos);
    • Elite (US$250,000 or US$100,000 for promos);
    • Loyal (2 years as a client with the company with at least US$5,000 in deposit or there is no deposit requirement till March 19, 2013 for promos);
    • Loyal+ (5 years as a client with the company with at least US$5,000 in deposit or there is no deposit requirement till March 19, 2013 for promos);
  5. New trading counterparties
    Having abandoned Velocity, we connected Sucden Financial.
    In the coming month and half, we’ll connect LMAX.

  6. Reduction of commissions on trading accounts (to $5)
    Commission on trading accounts is reduced by $1 from the lot and is now $5/lot.
    Together with reduction in spreads thanks to connection of new counterparties (paragraph 5), trade costs have been reduced by 20%-30%, depending on the instrument.

  7. TradeBox
    A module for traders, which provides information on trade costs for a given period of time.
    For now, it has been implemented in the basic configuration. There are future plans to add a quite large number of functions.

  8. Reduction of MA commission (to $8)
    Commission on trading accounts is reduced by $2 from lot and is now $8/lot.

  9. Full-time managers: trading period = 1 month and Pfee = 12%/10.5%/9%
    Conditions of investment in full-time managers in the context of the parameters mentioned above have been improved.
    Pfee for the highest level of offer (for Elite and Loyal+ clients) will be 9%.
    Pfee = 10.5% for VIP and Loyal clients.
    Pfee = 12% for clients who do not have privileged status.
    Set of paragraph 6, 9, 10 significantly increases the profitability of managers and their investors.

  10. MAM indices
    The MAM investment model is now available for investments in indices.

  11. Multi-level offers
    Multi-level offers have been implemented. The number of levels is limited to three: more than three would complicate the functionality and display of parameters (we display the investor’s net indicators for all levels of offer, and not just the account indicators).
    The mechanism for setting the condition in the form of duration of investment in the account was not implemented (we did not have enough time). It will be implemented in the near future. You can set levels in the form of investment size in account and privileged status.

  12. Increase in the privileges enjoyed by PRO agents
    PRO agents receive a part of the privileges of Elite clients.
    They are:

    • Personal manager;
    • Compensation of deposit/withdrawal costs;
    • Instant withdrawal of up to 10,000 USD per day (conditionally instant – 15-30 min);
    • Free VPS;
    • Better investment conditions. Investing in managers on the level of offer for Elite clients (for indexed managers – 9% Pfee);
    • Demonstration of company’s funds (an option always available to Elite clients and for others during the “Absolute Transparency” promo period);
    • Demonstration of trade hedging without restrictions;
    • Expanded set of directions for interchanging deposit/withdrawal methods.

Within 3-6 months after the release, the following will appear:

  1. Migration
    The program will start operating on January 15, 2018.

  2. High-Water Mark+ (including the “indefinite compensation” option)
    The HWM+ calculation method requires a preliminary change in the architecture of the functional, since we have run out of fields in the MT4.
    In this regard, it is impossible to say the exact timing of its introduction, but few months should be enough.

  3. Significant improvements in the Personal Area
    With regards to the Personal Area, three is a lot of things not done yet. In fact, the upgrade of the Personal Area will be carried out throughout 2018.

  4. Affiliate functionality
    New opportunities for partnering:

    • Generation of several partner links and segregated statistics on them;
    • Registration of the website as an affiliate site (all transitions from this site automatically attaches the partner’s referral);
    • Advanced API;
    • More detailed statistics in the Personal Area;
      and others…
  5. MA-ECN
    A manager will be able to create an ECN managed account.

  6. OVER-indices

  7. Modifying the multi-level offer
    The manager will be able to set the requirements for Pfee levels in the offer in the form of total investment term in the account (with additional ability to set the minimum amount for time recording).

  8. New counterparties
    There are plans to connect ISPrime and Divisa UK, which will improve trading conditions.

  9. Design
    The website was designed in dark colors (such is the corporate style), but it is generally accepted that most people perceive lighter colors more easily.
    We decided not to try to combine the incompatible, and simply offer clients the opportunity to view the main information pages of the site and functional both in dark and light colors.
    The MA page, Index page, MA Rating page and Personal Area page will have two color options.

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