ICE FX, 2018: partner functionality

Hello to all!
A cycle of 3 articles will be published anytime soon. In them, I will be describing the functionality expected in 2018. I will indicate specific implementation timeframes, for three categories of clients:

  • Partners (this article);
  • Managers;
  • Investors and traders (combined).

The innovations are listed in chronological order:

I. Promo “Fast and the Furious” (June 18 – no term limit).

The promo will be launched for the company’s partners (both new and current partners). During the promo, any partner will receive the maximum level of payouts and PRO status for a period of 13 weeks (3 months).
For current partners, these benefits (maximum payouts and PRO status) will last from 18/06/2018 to 17/09/2018 inclusively.
For new partners, the benefits will be valid for 3 months starting from the moment the first referral payouts are received (that is, you do not spend your promo time until referral payouts have been received).
There is the opportunity to get maximum level of payouts and PRO status for life, if you are able to attract at least 50,000 USD of referral funds to the company during the promo period (13 weeks).
The promo aims to show a new partner the opportunity to earn money in our company, because it is psychologically difficult for a person to find motivation at the very beginning of an activity, than when he “has already climbed”. Many partners leave precisely because of low starting earnings (calibration grid).
The “Fast and the Furious” Promo has no term limit. The company reserves the right to end it at any time.
More details will be posted on the site in early June.

II. Offline representation: a new affiliate program (July 2, 2018)

In the last six months, we have received so many applications for opening of offline representative offices in the regions.
The terms and conditions for offline representative offices will be published before July 2, 2018.
In particular, in addition to receiving referral awards, all clients from the region without an agent can be made your referrals when certain requirements are met and you can be compensated for part of the costs for advertising and maintaining the office (for those with experience who have met certain conditions).
Of course, we don’t give anything in advance to people that we are seeing for the first time.

I will write a separate article dedicated on the conditions for this area of partnership.

III. SubID (end of July)

A functionality, which allows you to generate several referral links and see segregated statistics for each of them.
It should be a useful tool for partners attracting clients from several sources.

IV. Certificates (fall 2018)

A similar functional was implemented in Panteon Finance at the end of its existence.
Any partner will be able to generate a digital code and transfer it to any person. The person given this code receives a certain non-removable bonus on his ICE FX deposit and automatically becomes a referral to the partner who issued the code.
This certificate will be paid (the cost will cover the average referral risk) and have a number of restrictions on use (you won’t be able to invest in all of them at once, and so on). Hence, the certificate will not carry any risk for the Company.

Most people find it difficult to take the first step, especially when such step requires quite a lot of gestures and is not free.
You can push some of such doubting partners to start cooperating with the company by giving them a similar opportunity to “try” without investing anything.

V. Refback functionality (autumn-winter 2018)

A functionality that allows the partner to customize his individual refback level for any referral or to combine them into groups and set this level for the group. It is also possible to set the refback validity period for individual referrals or groups.
It should be recalled that we strongly prohibit you from using refback to attract referrals from another partner. And if refback is abused, you may be banned from being able to change partner.
If refback is used to attract a primary customer (for example, as in rebate services), then no sanctions will be imposed on you.

VI. Double agent (fall-Winter 2018)

Opportunity by a referral to have double agent. Referral commissions are distributed among agents in a given proportion.
It can be useful in some cases, for example, when one agent finds a manager, the second agrees on the terms of cooperation, etc. There have already been similar situations where double agent is needed.

VII. Personal area (winter 2018)

Introduction of the above-described new functionality will require significant changes in the Personal area. Therefore, the personal area will be significantly improved and supplemented with new features.

VIII. Update of promotional materials (continuously throughout the year)

Throughout the year, there will be constant update of existing promotional materials, as well as creation of new ones. For instance, we plan to add many widgets with statistics of managed accounts/indices, trading conditions, sessions, etc., as well as many presentations and guides.

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