Main news: delay in IB, ICE FX 2.0, announcement of future works and so on.

Hello to all.

I. ICE AM. News.

1. Delay in the launching of trading in Interactive Brokers (IB).

Unfortunately, the beginning of work with IB is being postponed a little – they decided to change our password for some reason and requested additional identification, which took 2 weeks. After another week, as soon as we deposited money, they remembered that:
“According to the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Directive No. 600/2014, “MiFIR”, Interactive Brokers (U.K.) Limited is required to include customer identification data in the reporting provided to supervisory authorities.

Starting from January 3, 2018, you can continue trading from your account only if you provide the necessary information.
To ensure timely delivery of necessary information and avoid disruptions in trading, fill out the following form now.

This requirement applies only to accounts that conduct personal trading or that trade on behalf of their clients and sub-accounts.

Under the new reporting regime for transactions, legal entities must provide a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) – a unique 20- character alphanumeric code to uniquely identify legally distinct entities that engage in financial transactions.
If you already have an LEI number, enter it here.
If our database already has your LEI, then it will be displayed in this field.

The LEI number is an identifier of a legal entity in the US financial chamber. Of course, a company from Switzerland does not have it. One month is the deadline for obtaining this LEI, so we are waiting.
In any case, starting trading activities in IB is a question of short time, so let me provide some information.

Pros and cons of IB in brief:


  • Company’s reputation and history;
  • A large investment platform, on which apart from us, others are represented;
  • Lower trade costs (higher profits) than in Swissquote;
  • Company’s huge capitalization (about 400 billion cumulative funds of investment companies and 15 billion assets), which minimizes the probability of “putting sticks in the wheels”;
  • Russian section of the website and Russian-language support.


  • A long and complicated process of opening an account;
  • No MT 4 and, as a consequence, no trade monitoring. Moreover, getting any form of discernible statistics from TWS is generally difficult (whoever has seen the TWS stats would understand).

So, choose SQ or IB. We will try in the coming months to organize trade in yet another intermediary. But for now, it’s too early to talk about this.

2. Reduced Pfee.

A decision was made to reduce Pfee by 5% for all ICE AM offer levels in both trading intermediaries. The reduction will be effective from 2018, and information on this will be updated accordingly on the ICE AM website.

II. ICE FX. News.

1. Sucden and LMAX.
Connection of Sucden Financial has been completed. The process is going well. Sucden Financial was added in the list of liquidity providers on October 31, 2017.
LMAX will be connected in the coming months.
As mentioned earlier, work with Velocity has been completed.

Sucden spreads are on average lower than those of Velocity. So the overall spreads should slightly reduce.
In addition, after connecting LMAX, the overall spreads will definitely decrease by a certain value.

2. Advertising.
We are starting, not yet very large-scale advertising campaign.
We decided to start, of course, with Runet.

Articles about us are already appearing:

Tightening of regulations in Labuan:

Review of ICE FX:

Announcement 2.0:

You can participate in discussions and leave your comments (you all are already our clients and know more than a “couch expert”).

III. ICE FX 2.0. Date of release and change.

The release date has been shifted to December 11, 2017 (we decided to improve and test the Personal area. Besides, we have been engaged with other things, which I will discuss later). The date will never be shifted again (I would, of course, like to do some more other things and come up with a lot of things while doing what was planned. But since 2018 is supposed to be extremely saturated, we just can’t delay with the release anymore).

Some changes from the variants mentioned in the first article are expected, in particular:

1. The trading period of indexed managers will be 1 month (against the 3 months announced). We started developing a rather cool portfolio functionality in the Personal area (you will see his “germ” by January-February 2018), and the different durations in the trading period for different accounts complicate things for the portfolio manager and the investor himself. In particular, such functions as: auto-rebalancing, revision of portfolio structure at the moment, portfolio balancing by risks and some others (in short, everything about serious portfolio management).

2. We are negotiating with managers to reduce Pfee to 12% for the lower offer level as some “compensation” for paragraph 1. That is, those we have already negotiated with do agree, so we hope to come to an understanding with others.
As a result, in relation to the current Pfee, the investor will receive a 3% decrease in Pfee or more (from 15% to 12% and below) plus an extension of the trading period from 1 week to 1 month, which is quite notable.

3. Multi-level offers. Expansion of functionality (January-February 2018).
The functionality of multi-level offers is somewhat being expanded: apart from the ability to set reward levels through investment amounts (as done everywhere), it will be possible to set the levels through “investment experience (time) in the account by a sum of at least $n”. For example, the manager wants to reduce the reward level for his “old” investors, etc.

4. Reduction in commission on trading accounts to $5/lot.
Minus $1 on commission on trading accounts.
Together with connection of new liquidity providers (described above), trade costs will significantly reduce. We still fall short of course, but still it’s something.

5. PRO partners receive a part of Elite status privileges.
The company’s PRO partners, in addition to increased reward, will receive a part of the privileges of Elite client status (a new status, a step above the VIP status).

IV. Future publications. Announcement.

In the coming months, I plan to sometimes leave my direct responsibilities and spend the time writing materials.
For example, I would like to describe the existing current investment systems (PAMM, MAM, LAMM, copyists) and our functional (MA and ICE-MAM) in more detail. By description, I mean, of course, from the practical side of work and its use by the investor and manager, and also put together all the pros and cons of various systems and make a comparative analysis. This is something that no one writes about; people write only about an already well-known theory.

The second work, entitled “The Issue of Modern Forex Investing. Distortion of data” will be more intriguing (a wave of hysterics, criticism and armchair reasoning is expected. The name says everything about the meaning: a description of how data (both hidden and obvious data) are distorted by investment companies and traders and of games on investor perception (in fact, it is the same falsification, but absolutely invisible and unprovable, which is even worse).

In addition, I plan to publish a number of articles on tax laws and tax payment in the largest CIS countries (with Forex): Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus – since this topic is not really covered, but there are a lot of requests for it. To write these articles, I would need some lawyers, who specialize in this area (that is, to make it a professional information, and not my own opinion).

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