Year in review. News and plans.

Dear clients, partners and investors,
The year 2017 has ended and it is time to take stock of the activities of ICE companies and briefly outline our plans for 2018.


I. 2017 Year in Review.

1. All our three investment strategies came out with positive result at the end of 2017. The figures are shown below:

Conservative Moderate Composite
Q4, 2016 7,69% – 10,33% -3,1% – (-1,9%) -0,6% – 0,48%
Q1, 2017 6,47% – 8,93% 12,13% – 14,4% 10,41% – 13,44%
Q2, 2017 – 7,74% 5,93% – 6,78% -1,14%
Q3, 2017 7,75% – 8,85% 20,66% – 23,51% 16,4% – 18,74%
Q4, 2017 -1,36% -1,78% -1,32%
YTD, 2017 4,41% – 7,9% 40,76% – 48,18% 25,37% – 30,77%
Entire period 12,43% – 19,04% 36,39% – 45,36% 24,03% – 31,41%

All the commissions paid by the investor are taken into account.
ICE AM trading results can be found here:

This was a very good result going by the standards of investment companies. Although the 2016 results would have been better if the company had been in existence in the market earlier.

2. Reduction in Pfee and trading period.

To bring the company’s statistics to a convenient industry standard form (for the convenience of comparing investors’ statistics with the statistics of other investment companies), we decided to reduce the length of the trading period to 1 month (against the previous 3 months) from January 1, 2018.
Since this would lower investors’ net profit, the Pfee will also be reduced at all levels of the offer and will be as follows:

  • 20% (against the previous 30%) for clients with a deposit of 50,000 to 100,000 USD;
  • 15% (against the previous 25%) for clients with a deposit of 100,000 to 1,000,000 USD;
  • 12% (against the previous 20%) for clients with a deposit of more than 1,000,000 USD.

The amount of other commissions remains unchanged.

II. Plans for 2018.

1. To continue trading in Swissquote and finally obtaining an LEI code for trading in Interactive Brokers.

2. To start working with the 3rd broker.
A broker has not been chosen.
The rationale for this is to have an account connected to myfxbook (MT4) but with lower trading costs than those we are currently incurring at Swissqoute.

3. To run independent managed accounts.
Providing opportunities for investments in individual managed accounts from iComposite in a third-party broker.

4. To audit our track record
We are negotiating with auditors to audit our track record in Swissquote.


I. 2017 Year in Review.

1. The performance of indices are given in the table below:

iPro*6 iMain*6 iСomposite*6
YTD, 2016 35,67% 30,58% 35,26%
YTD, 2017 -6,86% 33,91% 18,98%
Entire period 26,35% 74,86% 60,94%

Managers’ monitoring systems:

All commissions paid by the investor are taken into account.

Please be reminded that clients with privileged status could improve this result by 4% and 6% for VIP and Elite categories respectively.

2. ICE FX 2.0.
A major update (called ICE FX 2.0) of the company’s website and functionality was carried out.
Changes that have already been made and those expected to be made are described here.

3. Improvement in investment conditions.
Within the year, there was systematic reduction in investor’s costs and improvement in investment functionality:

Beginning of 2017 End of 2017
Commission per lot 12 USD (0.012%) 8 USD (0.008%)
Trading period 1 week 1 month
Performance fee 20% 12%

4. Improvement in trading conditions
Commission on trading accounts was reduced by 1 USD (to 5 USD lot)
Thanks to connection of new trading counterparties, spreads on all instruments were reduced.
Comparison of spreads for some instruments is given in the table below:

5. ECN accounts
There is now a new type of account that is based on AMTS Solutions technologies.

II. Plans for 2018.

1. To audit our financial indicators.
We are negotiating with auditors to audit our 2017 financial indicators.
The information will be provided publicly.

2. A new Personal Area.
A new Personal Area will be launched anytime soon. This will not be the final version. The Personal Area will be constantly upgraded in 2018.

3. Genesis
The first round of the competition starts on January 15, 2018. However, due to delay in publishing the rules, terms and conditions, the deadline for application and start of participation in the current round may be extended to February 2, 2018.

Due to the workload of the staff on reorganizing the new website and the Personal Area (and of course the holidays), I’ve decided to publish the main terms and conditions of participation in the Genesis and Genesis Prime competitions on my blog until a full section on the website is ready. I did so because future participants need to see the terms and conditions beforehand. Once again, I apologize for the delay in publishing the terms and conditions of participation.
The terms and conditions can be found here:

4. Migration
Together with the new Personal Area, we will be launching the Migration Cost Compensation Program –an expanded version of a program to facilitate migration of clients from other companies.
The conditions can be found here.

5. New trading counterparties
In the course of 2018, we plan to connect new trading counterparties. At present, in the list are: LMAX, Divisa UK and ISPrime.
This should have a positive impact on trading conditions and expand the range of trading instruments provided.

6. High-Water Mark +
This is an original development that adapts the classical profit calculation method called High-Water Mark in respect to Forex investments.

  • The HWM method applies to all multi-copies of a managed account;
  • If an investor leaves a managed account in a short-term, the manager’s obligation to compensate the investor for a drawdown is not cancelled;
  • The duration of a grace period (of up to indefinite compensation) for the manager can be established.

Original development, an equivalent of the classical MAM technology, devoid of its main shortcomings. It comes with a number of advantages:

  • The investor can invest in MAM technology any amount that is less than what is required by the manager to trade with given risks because of the impossibility of opening a trade volume in MT4 of less than 0.01 lot (reduction of minimum deposit for MAM investments);
  • The manager can enter under open trades;
  • There is no discrepancy between investors’ results when investing an amount that is not a multiple of the minimum investment (a multiple of the amount required to open a 0.01 lot trade).

8. OVER-indices
The investor can invest in indices with a multiplier that is higher than the maximum required for indexed accounts to exist.

Unfortunately, features 5-7 (New trading counterparties, High-Water Mark+, ICE-MAM) are being delayed in view of the need to introduce additional technology (a base mirror) for them to function (fields in MT have finished).

9. EUR accounts
Ability to keep funds in EUR currency on the company’s account and work with them without the need to convert to USD.
There is obvious trend towards complication of working in the euro area with USD. In addition, many clients from CIS countries have also requested for euro accounts.

It is not a big problem to make a crooked similarity (as in most companies), forcing clients to work with accounts opened in different currencies separately (individual investment products). The issue is that we do not want to be nasty.

We plan to make full-fledged currency synchronization for investment products (like the one implemented in Dukascopy), in which the manager does not have to open accounts in different currencies, and the investor chooses only from accounts with the same currency as his deposit, or convert the currency but incurring the additional costs.
This task is a difficult one, especially considering that we execute 100% of trades: there is need to be able to maintain hedging funds in euros so as not to incur additional currency risks.

10. ECN-MA
Opportunity for the manager to open ECN managed accounts.

11. CFD
Providing the possibility of trading CFD for commodities and stocks (which will be provided by future liquidity providers).
We will try to spread all our software systems (risk management, MA, multiplication, etc.) to them too.

12. Crypto accounts
Similarly, we will open the opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies.
At present, it is not entirely clear on where to hedge: there is no desire to store large funds on all these underdeveloped exchange systems, and the CFDs provided by major liquidity providers carry a big risk of counteraction to earnings, since it is also unclear where they can cover such volumes.
We will try to spread all our software systems (risk management, MA, multiplication, etc.) to them too.

13. Mobile app
After developing the basic functionality of the Personal Area, we will start creating a mobile app. It would make no sense creating it now before the basic functionality of the Personal Area has been developed.


A full start is planned on June 1, 2018.
Closer to the launching date, I will provide more details about how this company functions.

There are also plans in 2018 to apply for own licenses and for maximum possible distribution of services and functionality of the offshore ICE FX.

Wishing everyone good luck and achievement of goals in the New Year!

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